From the Back Cover:

A Damned Soul Seeking Purpose

For years Jyllith Malconen ended lives and damned souls to avenge her family, only to learn all her victims were innocent. Now others like her, children twisted to hate, raise a new threat. Alone and haunted, Jyllith must infiltrate their Demonkin cult and stop them … even if it costs her soul.

Meanwhile, Kara Honuron’s journey to Tarna has taken its toll on family and friends. Before they can recover, an ancient demon attacks Tarna and scatters those Kara loves. Facing an enemy who seeks her complete destruction, Kara sets out to stop the demons once and for all.

Pitted against each other on converging paths, these two young women will either save the Five Provinces … or doom them to a horrific fate.

Praise from Others:

“Filled with vivid images, great action, and one of the most imaginative magic systems I’ve read in a long time…”
-Stuart Jaffe, author of the Malja Chronicles

(Spoilers for Book 1 – Glyphbinder Follow)

Read Chapter 1

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