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From the Back Cover:

Kara was thirteen when she learned her mother was dying. Five years later, the last component of her mother’s cure waits in Tarna, but that is one journey she may not survive.

Even as a Glyphbinder, a wielder of blood glyphs created by a people long dead, Kara is no match for the madman that hunts her or the dark forces at his beck and call. As those she loves fall one by one, her hunter’s purpose is finally revealed.

Demons thought long defeated stir now in the shadows of her world, seeking a dark power hidden in Kara’s blood. Tireless and without mercy, these demons will not be satisfied until they claim Kara’s world … and her soul.

Editorial Reviews:

“Glyphbinder is a high-octane fantasy adventure novel. It’s not easy to create a fantasy world that’s unique, exciting, and fresh, but T. Eric Bakutis has done just that. There are layers upon layers of history and political intrigue in a world inhabited by magical people and unusual creatures. A highly entertaining novel that makes a lasting impression, Glyphbinder is recommended for fantasy lovers who enjoy a fresh take on world building and magic.” -Self Publishing Review

“…while there’s a lot of info about the world, Bakutis nicely uses the students and the amnesiac man to serve up these details, helping the information feel less like an undigested lump of worldbuilding notes. Plus, the world largely holds together and doesn’t brim with stuff merely because the author thought it was cool. The characters are largely engaging, each with his or her own story to tell, from the healer who faces a terrible choice to the aforementioned rich jerk who turns out to have a more noble side.” -Kirkus Reviews

“… a wildly compelling YA paranormal story set in a mysterious world where magic is the ultimate tool of power and blood the currency of the trade. T. Eric Bakutis vividly brought this tale of blood magic to life through a mesmerizing setting and compelling characters blended together in flawless writing. The language style used is in rhythm with the theme and setting of the story and added more flair to the reading experience. Forget your everyday YA paranormal/fantasy stories; T. Eric Bakutis’ Glyphbinder will blow your mind. Glyphbinder is the first book in what promises to be a grand YA series. I cannot wait to read Book 2.” -Review by Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

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